Malcolm MacGregor

Wilderness Oman


Wilderness Oman is about the wild and remote areas on the coast, in the mountains and within the deserts. Few other countries have such a unique combination of landscape. The book was the first detailed study of these remote regions, from Musandam in the north, south through the Hajar Mountains, thence to Dhofar and the Empty Quarter, via a 1000 mile coastline. 

Oman has a rich and rugged variety of terrain in an area the size of Italy. Two factors combine to create an unmatched environment for landscape photography. An inspirational, translucent quality of light with sheer variety of subject matter. This is a country with an infinity of canyons, mountains, rock formations, vegetation, isolated bays and inlets, deep wadis and sand dunes.  The vibrant colours of this landscape are reflected in the sea, rivers, wadis and lake. 

115 photographs were made for the book. All were shot using a Mamiya 7II camera with Fuji Velvia film.

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