Malcolm MacGregor


These sections show assignments that I have completed over the past few years. 

Scottish Castles and Houses

These photographs of great Scottish castles and houses, with their gardens and interiors, were made for Scots Heritage Magazine. Locations include Drumlanrig Castle, Culzean Castle, Traquair, Kinross House, Glamis Castle, Castle of Mey, Scone Palace, Blair Castle, Inverewe, The Art Lovers House in Glasgow, Brodie Castle, and Rosslyn Chapel.  

Interiors of Scottish Castles and Houses

It goes without saying that taking a photograph inside a castle, or a stately home, is very different from working on a windswept mountain. Yet, in some strange way, there are similaries. In both locations the composition needs to hold together. A sense of perspective and the ability to create a sense of depth are key. FInding something quirky to draw the eye in gives life to...

Scottish Gardens

These photographs of gardens of great Scottish castles and houses were made for Scots Heritage Magazine. As a photographer, I was looking for something unusual, for depth and foreground interest. Lines and shape are important, such as the branches of rhododendrons, or the rows of topiary. Gardens featured in this set are: Glamis, Inverewe, Kinross House, Dunrobin, Inverewe, Blair Castle, Culzean, ...

HALO Trust People

The HALO Trust helps people resume their normal lives through the removal of mines and the debris of war. Here are some photographs of cleared areas. Villages, Schools, River Crossings, Pilgrimage Routes, Agricultural Land, Pastural Land, and Farms. 

HALO Trust Battlefield clean up

Part of the photography I did with the HALO Trust was to document the task of battlefield clean-up. The ravages of war and conflict, in addition to human casualties can leave a devastating mess with consequences, particularly for the environment. Rockets, weapons, tanks, vehicles and aircraft are all part of it. And, of course, mines - both anti-tank and anti-personnel. A variety of ...

HALO Trust Portraits

In 2008 I was assigned to photograph the work and achievements of the HALO Trust as part of their commemoration of 20 years of clearing mines. HALO is a humanitarian mine-clearance charity, based in Scotland. When I took on this commission it was working in nine countries and regions around the world. These included Abkhazia, Afghanistan, Angola, Cambodia, Kosovo, Mozambique, Nagorno Karabakh, Somaliland and...

Copshaw Common Riding

Copshaw Common Riding is an annual event held in and around Newcastleton in the Scottish Borders. The day begins with the Hound Trail, a race across the hills. This is followed by 'The Tub' receiving the flag in numerous ceremonies around the town. The Tub is a young local man who leads the events for the year, in the same way the 'Cornet'...