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The N A M I B

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With an embossed photograph on the cover, this coffee-table book contains photographs of the Namib Desert, in colour. Displayed are 90 plate images over 144 pages, in landscape format (24cm x 30cm).  Printed on high quality 150gsm gardapat kiara paper.  

The Namib |  Limited Edition

The Namib in a limited Edition of 75, personally signed and numbered, with an embossed photograph on the cover. Enclosed in a high quality protective slip case, included is an A4 Print and a Map showing the Namib Desert. The map can be seen below, or here Layout and photographs in both the deluxe edition and the limited edition are the same. For the Deluxe Edition click here

The Namib | Deluxe Edition

The Namib is about a photographic journey, made on two expeditions from the Kunene River to the Hartmann Valley in the north, then south  to the Skeleton Coast and Sandwich Harbour. The great dunes around Sossusvlei are featured as is the ghost town of Kolmanskop. To journey through the Namib is to enter an alternative realm; one of wide-open spaces of desert and sea, soaring skies,...

Mull Iona and Staffa

I went to Mull, Iona and Staffa in pursuit of Hebridean light. On this photographic journey my intention was to reveal special qualities within the landscape of these islands. Excursions took me from Fingal’s Cave on Staffa, to St. Columba’s landing place on Iona. On Mull, I ventured from the high tops around Ben More to the...

OMAN Eloquence and Eternity

Oman has been an important part of my photographic life in much the same way as Yosemite and the Californian coastline once held the lives of American photographers. Familiarity with locations can teach not just what to see, but how to see. This breeds an inner core of perception and an innate sense of respect for the land which results in a heightened sense of awareness...

The Outer Hebrides

The Outer Hebrides of the Western Isles was my first book of landscape photography in Scotland as I travelled through the islands in pursuit of Atlantic light. This journey took me from the majestic beaches of North Lewis to the mountain tops of Harris, to the great cliffs on the deserted island of Mingulay in the south. The...

Wilderness Oman

Wilderness Oman is about the wild and remote areas on the coast, in the mountains and within the deserts. Few other countries have such a unique combination of landscape. The book was the first detailed study of these remote regions, from Musandam in the north, south through the Hajar Mountains, thence to Dhofar and the Empty Quarter, via a 1000 mile...