Malcolm MacGregor

The Outer Hebrides

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The Outer Hebrides of the Western Isles was my first book of landscape photography in Scotland as I travelled through the islands in pursuit of Atlantic light. This journey took me from the majestic beaches of North Lewis to the mountain tops of Harris, to the great cliffs on the deserted island of Mingulay in the south. The photographs encompass remote mountains, hills, coastline and abandoned islands. Additionally, there are photographs of churches, ruined castles, ancient graveyards, fishing vessels, Harris Tweed and Standing Stones. 

The accompanying text weaves the landscape into the history of the islands and some of the legends that continue today. It also covers some of the lesser-known aspects and viewpoints and, shows why we should ‘behold the Hebrides’ as a unique destination within the British Isles.  

All 90 photographs were made using Fuji Velvia film. A large-format Ebony 45s and a medium-format Mamiya 7II proved to be a good combination for the varied terrain.

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