Malcolm MacGregor

OMAN Eloquence and Eternity

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Oman has been an important part of my photographic life in much the same way as Yosemite and the Californian coastline once held the lives of American photographers. Familiarity with locations can teach not just what to see, but how to see. This breeds an inner core of perception and an innate sense of respect for the land which results in a heightened sense of awareness and even apprehension. To encounter these places alone is an overwhelming experience. I remember the mixed feelings of awe and humility on first seeing the vast orange-tinted quartz dunes of the Empty Quarter. That such areas exist in their primordial beauty is both eloquent and eternal. An example of what Wallace Stegner, the American writer and conservationist, called the Geography of Hope; the hope that these remarkable deserts, mountains and coasts will continue to inspire explorers, travellers, artists and those that live in their shadows for years to come.

This book consists of 60 photographs which were made either on a large-format Ebony 45s, or a Mamiya 7II. Lenses varied from wide angle to short telephoto. Fuji Velvia film was used for all the photography. The large-format camera was a joy to use and really helped to look deep into the landscape. The photographs cover all areas of Oman from Musandam in the north to Dhofar and the Empty Quarter in the south. 

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